If you arrived on this article, it is because you are currently in a phase of questioning, where you wonder if using social networks is useful and essential for your company or your sector of activity .

Many ask the question, but the answer is simple: yes!

Social networks have now become essential in any good marketing strategy . However, to make the best use of them, it is essential to know them perfectly: their characteristics, their differences, their common points, their uses, etc. In order to benefit from them.

For this, I suggest you take an overview of the main social media and understand why it is essential to use them for your business.

The main social networks

Before knowing why it is important to use social networks for your company or for your industry, it is necessary to know the main existing social networks and understand their specificities and their differences from each other, as well as their advantages and disadvantages depending on your industry.

Let’s start …


Undoubtedly the best known and most used social network in the world, Facebook is useful for your business if you are targeting individuals. Mark Zuckerberg’s social network is undoubtedly the largest social network in existence.

For your business, using Facebook will allow you to monitor both your market and your competitors, develop a community around your brand, engage your fans on your publications and will also allow you to offer after-sales service. very effective.


Unlike Facebook, Twitter lets you share short, instant messages. This is a very effective promotional social network , if you regularly post engaging content. It will allow you to very easily get in touch with users who share the same areas of interest as you, why not future customers or partners… It is also an excellent network for doing competitive intelligence.


A true network of young people, Snapchat is ideal for your business if you want to target a very specific audience . Sharing ephemeral photos and videos, this is a social network that will allow you to publish new content very quickly, in order to offer your followers a friendly and young image of your company.


LinkedIn is a professional social network that promotes the connection between job seekers and recruiters. It also allows you, personally, to build your own network of professionals .

If you work for a recruiting agency or if your target business is B2B, this is the ideal social network to lean on. LinkedIn will allow you to increase the influence of your business by positioning yourself as an expert in your field .


Based on the sharing of images and videos of short or longer duration via the IGTV functionality, Instagram is the trendy social network of the moment. It allows users to share their daily life via a profile or stories.

For companies, it will allow you to show aesthetic photos of your activity or to reveal the “behind the scenes” of your company . Thanks to Instagram, you can also use influencers to promote your brand.


Pinterest is a social network that shares inspirations and discoveries. It allows users to create tables and pin illustrations according to defined themes.

For companies, this is an ideal social network if you want to create a universe for your brand or share your different services  : inspirations, advice, tutorials, etc.


Youtube is a platform that allows you to broadcast videos through the creation of a channel . The social network provides thousands of videos on various subjects: cooking, beauty, marketing, tourism, etc. Everything is there!

For businesses, creating a Youtube channel and offering videos allows you to communicate in a different way . This type of communication is less formal than traditional text content or a simple image and is more popular with Internet users.

4 advantages to use social media for your business

Now that we have seen the main social networks existing on the market (of course, there are many others), I will explain in several points, why it is necessary for your company to deploy your digital strategy on social networks .

Improve your visibility and your natural referencing

Today more and more brands or companies are on social networks. This is a very important communication channel, since it will allow you to improve your visibility and your notoriety on the internet .

Thanks to the creation of a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn page, etc. You will have the possibility to enter essential information about your company: name, description, sector of activity, email, phone number, website, … Your prospects will have also make it easier to find you and therefore to contact you directly to use your products or services.

Do not hesitate, either, to use keywords in your description or in your posts, so that the search engines can better reference you. Social networks present a real opportunity to improve your natural referencing thanks to links that will point to your website. You will be able to improve your positioning on the search engines.

Increase your traffic and leads

Seeing social networks as mere presence on the web is not a good strategy. To take a concrete example, this would amount to creating a website that is simply “aesthetic” without using its potential to gain potential customers. For social networks, it’s the same thing: you have to feed your pages, define objectives, create relevant and engaging content for your fans, …

Today, it must be taken into account that using social networks should really help you in your marketing and sales strategy . It should be considered as a real prospecting tool to allow you to boost your sales and increase your leads . For this, Facebook and Twitter are very practical since they allow you to reach a large target very quickly by announcing, for example, the release of a new product or a new service. Your information is thus very quickly relayed between all social users and the engagement around your post will attract new prospects.

To reach even more prospects and target your audience, you can also create targeted ads. These allow you to offer your products or services to a circle of people who are interested in your industry.

Get in direct contact with your customers

Your customers are certainly part of your fans on your social networks. As with most large companies such as Fnac, EDF, Orange, etc. Do not hesitate to use social networks as a real after-sales service platform .

Answer your customers’ questions, help them solve a problem, etc. This type of use is highly appreciated by customers, they feel privileged and attentive to the business.

To keep vigil

For your business to stand out in the market, compared to your competitors, it is essential to monitor. Thanks to social networks, you can easily follow your competitors , observe trends in your market , future developments , the needs of your customers with regard to your products or services, etc.

Size of your company: very small businesses, SMEs or large groups, it is imperative that you listen to all the information on your market and its environment. Thus, you will be able to analyze the information collected, and adapt your marketing and sales strategy, if necessary.

By now you have understood the importance of social networks in a business strategy. Your competitors may not have yet realized this importance… It is time for you to take the bandwagon and differentiate yourself in your sector of activity , in order to develop yourself , to acquire more. leads , turn them into customers to increase your turnover .

If you need an expert social media marketing services to support you in your field, do not hesitate to contact Performance Agency, we will be happy to help you in your process.


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